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طنبورة أمامي بوش لانسر بومة
Bosch, ,Car,Car Brand_Mitsubishi,Mitsubishi_Lancer 1.6 CS/CT Puma (2003-2010)

BOSCH Front Brake Disc Lancer Puma
Height (unpacked)= 45.3 mm

Diameter (unpacked)= 256 mm

Number of holes= 4

Hub diameter= 69.02 mm

Maximum thickness= 24 mm

Minimum brake disc thickness= 22.4 mm

Coating (oiled)

Disc thickness variation (DTV)= 12.7 µm

Lateral runout= 30 µm

Pitch circle diameter= 114.3 mm

Surface type (oiled)

Brake disc version (ventilated)

Maximum mounting hole diameter= 12.5 mm

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