Bosch Front Brake Disc 0986479W05

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LE 1,568.00

باقي 12 فقط!

طنبورة أمامي بوش هيونداي اكسنت RB
Bosch, ,Car,Car Brand_Hyundai,Hyundai_Accent IV RB 1.6 (2010-)

Outer diameter [mm]= 256
Brake Disk Thickness [mm]= 22
Minimum Thickness [mm]= 20
Height [mm]= 43.8
Pitch Circle Ø [mm]= 100
Brake disk Type (Vented)
Centering Diameter [mm]= 62.2
Number of Holes= 4
Surface (Oiled)
bore diameter up to [mm] 12.6

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