BOSCH Front Brake Pads 0986494689

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BMW_F20 F21 118i (2012-2015) 1.6, ,BMW_F20 F21 120i (2016-) 2.0,BMW_F30 316i (2012-2015),BMW_F30 318i (2015-2018),BMW_F30 320i (2012-2018),Bosch,Car,Car Brand_BMW

Bosch Front Brake Pads
Width 1 (shorter)= 155.7 mm
Width 2 (longer)= 156.8 mm
Thickness= 18.2 mm
Height= 61.8 mm
With springs (No)
With piston clip installed (Yes)
Nominal thickness= 18.2 mm
Material (Low-metallic)

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